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Comparative Study Between Islaam & Hinduism Part - 6



If God is just then why are some people born healthy while some are born with defects and are deaf and dumb, some are born in rich families while other in poor families?


1. This life is a test for the Hereafter

According to Qur’an in

Surah Mulk, Chapter 67, Verse 2

2. Allah tests different human being in different ways

Every year the question paper in an examination keeps on changing. It does not remain the same. Similarly Allah tests different human beings in different ways. He gives health to some people while others are born with defects or are handicap. To some people He gives wealth while others are poor.

3. Judgement will be based upon the difficulty of the test

Depending upon what facilities and qualities Allah has provided to each human being Allah (SWT) will judge him accordingly If the test is difficult then Allah will be lenient while judging. If the test is simple then Allah will be lenient while judging e.g. A poor person does not have to give Zakah. He gets full marks where Zakat is concerned on the other hand a rich person is supposed to give Zakat. Many rich people give much less than what they actually are supposed to give, thus getting less marks where Zakat is concerned.

4. Allah makes human being with congenital defects, some are deaf and dumb while other are handicap. The infant is not responsible for the defect. In such cases may be Allah is testing the parents, whether they yet have faith in Allah after this calamity.

Allah says in the Qur’an in

Surah Anfal, Chapter 8, Verse 28



The Hindu Pandits and Scholars agree that the Vedas and other Hindu religions scriptures prohibit idol worship but initially because the mind may not be matured an idol is required for concentration while worshipping. After the mind reaches higher consciousness, the idol is not required for concentration.

Muslims have reached the higher level of consciousness


1. If Idol is required for concentration only in the initial stages and not later on when the mind reaches higher consciousness then I would like to say that the Muslims have already reached the state of higher consciousness because when we worship Allah (SWT) we do not require any idol or statue.

2. Child asks why does it thunder?

When I was discussing with a Swami in I.R.F. He said that when our child asks us, why does the sky thunder? We reply that ‘aaee ma chhakki pees rahi hai’, the grandmother is grinding flour in the heaven, because he is too young to understand, similarly in the initial stages people require idol for concentration.

In Islam we don’t believe in talking a lie even if it’s a while lie. I will never give such wrong answer to my child because later on where he goes to school and learns that the thundering sound after lightening is due to the expansion of rapid heated air, he will either think that the teacher is lying or later on when he understand the fact he will conclude that the father is a liar. If you feel that the child may not understand certain difficult they you should simplify the answer but never give a wrong fictitious reply. If you, yourself do not know the answer, you should have the guts to be truthful and say ‘I don’t know’. Many children will not be satisfied with such a simple but yet truthful and if this answer is given to my son, he will say ‘Abba why you don’t know answer, that it will compel you to do your homework and thus educate yourself as well as your child’.

3. Those in standard one require idol for concentration 2+2=4 will remain same in standard one and ten)

Some pandits while trying to convince me regarding idol worship said that in standard one the student is initially taught to worship God by concentrating with the help of an idol but later on when he graduates he no longer requires the idol to concentrate while worshipping the God.

A very important fact to be noted is that only if the fundamentals of any particular subject is strong, then only will he be able to excel in future for e.g. Teacher of mathematics in standard I teaches the students that 2+2=4 irrespective whether the student parses school or does graduation, or does a Ph.D. in mathematics the basics of 2+2=4, will yet remain the same, it will not change to 5 or 6. In higher standards the students, besides addition may learn about Algebra, trigonometry, logarithm etc. but the fundamental of addition will yet remain the same. If the teacher in standard I itself teaches the fundamentals wrong, how can expect the student to excel in future?

It is the fundamental principle of the Vedas regarding the concept of God that he has got no image so how can the scholars even after knowing this fact keep silent at the wrong practice being done by people.

Will you tell your son who is in standard I that 2+2=4 is not equal to 4 but 5 or 6 and only confirm the truth after he passes school. Infact if he makes a mistake you will correct him, and say it is 4 and not wait till he graduates if you don’t correct him initial you will his future.

Muslims do not worship the Kaaba


Many non-Muslims allege when Islam is against idol worship why do the Muslims worship and bow down to the Kaaba in their prayer.


1. Kaaba is the Qibla i.e. the direction:

Muslims do not worship the Kaaba in the Salaah. Kaaba is the Qibla that is the direction we face towards and we worship & bow down to no one but Allah towards in the Salaah, Islam always believes in unity for e.g. If Muslims want to offer Salaah some may say lets face north, some may say lets east for the sake of unity Muslims are asked to face only in one direction i.e. towards the Kaaba. If they live in the west they face the east, if they live in the east they face the west, if they live in the north they face the south, if they live in the south they face the north.

2. Kaaba in center of earth

The Muslims were the first people to draw the map of the world and they drew it with the south on top and north down and the Kaaba was in the center. Later on the westerners drew the map upside down with north on top and south down but yet Alhamdullilah the Kaaba is in the center of the world map.

3. Tawaaf around Kaaba for indicating one God:

When the Muslims go to Masjid-e-Haram in Mecca we do tawaf round the Kaaba i.e. circumambulate round the Kaaba to indicate that as every circle has one center, similarly there is only one Allah (SWT) worthy of Worship.

Hadith of Hazrat Umar:

According to Sahih Bukhari Vol. II Book of Hajj, Ch. 56, V. No. 675, Hazrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said “I know that you are a stone, can neither benefit nor harm. Had I not seen the Prophet (pbuh) touching & kissing) you, I would never have touched (& Kissed) you”.

This statements of Hazrat Umar (RA) the second caliph of Islam is sufficient proof that we Muslims do not worship the Kaaba.

People stood on Kaaba and gave the Adhan.

At the time of the Prophet people even stood on the Kaaba and gave the Adhan which idol worshipper will ever stand on the idol he worships.


एक टिप्पणी भेजें

आपको लेख कैसा लगा:- जानकारी पूरी थी या अधुरी?? पढकर अच्छा लगा या मन आहत हो गया?? आपकी टिप्पणी का इन्तिज़ार है....इससे आपके विचार दुसरों तक पहुंचते है तथा मेरा हौसला बढता है....

अगर दिल में कोई सवाल है तो पुछ लीजिये....

टिप्पणी प्रकाशन में कोई परेशानी है तो यहां क्लिक करें..

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